24.04.2019 - 22.09.2019

Dear friends!

The MARS Center of Contemporary Art would like to present DroneArt, as a premier in Russia. Modern art tends to present itself in a manner that explores, and often reveals, problems within a society, and here is yet another example of this custom.

Is technological innovation always beneficial for people? By yanking at all new technology chains, does man not turn himself into an element of their existence, subject to a logic born out of software?

In what way exactly did new technology change our perception of the world around us?

DroneArt is manifested through performances and visual works, as well as through artists' conceptual reflections on it's effect on daily life.

Drones aid photographers in their discovery of the bespoke geometry of human presence on earth: the patterns that lay the urban, rural and aquatic landscapes. Some shots are so unearthly and immortal that they make us feel like we are looking through the eyes of God.

Drone-based performances are gaining momentum in the art world. We are proud to introduce you to one of it's most beautiful and unusual offspring:The Japanese company Rhizomatiks presents "24 Drones" - a dance performance made in collaboration with the dance group "Elevenplay". Throughelaborate tracking systems and drone-controlled programs, the project develops a body language of it's own.

DroneArt also entered the world of cinema: Director Omer Fast recently premiered his short film "5000 Feet is The Best".

It is no secret that drones are used for military and surveillance purposes. Artists are often very dedicated in ringing the alarm in the case of misuse and potential endangerment of Human Rights. Artist Hared Farocki from Germany expressed a concern of this sort, as did Trevor Paglen, USA, in a discussion organised by the National Museum of Art in Washington D.C.

We hope you will join us in examining this nascent and beautiful art form, and will participate in our high vision.

Our DroneArt project is called «dynamic », meaning that the exhibited pieces will constantly be renewed. They will include pieces by Andrew Pugach, Mikhaïl Derevyanov and Mikhaïl Kashafutdinov.

Partners of the project: Rhizomatiks, Japan, and Drone School of Moscow Aviation Institute - leading drone developer in Russia.

Stay updated!

Revenues from ticket sales will go directly to the financing of a newDigital Art Museum by MARS.

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