Центр современного искусства «МАРС» находится между трех станций метро: м. Трубная, м. Цветной Бульвар и м. Сухаревская.

г. Москва, Пушкарев переулок, дом 5

+7 (495) 623-66-90

+7 (985) 128-48-91

Открыт ежедневно, 12:00–22:00

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The M'ARS Center of Contemporary Art is one of the most striking and unusual places on the art map of Moscow.

A group of young and daring artists, who founded it as the first private gallery in the USSR over 30 years ago, 

lay down two core principles that stand to this day: (1) to bring the newest and most advanced trends and techniques in contemporary art to the public, and 

(2) to unbiasedly provide all contemporary artists with a platform, and leave it up to time and the viewer to judge, select, and make of the art what they will. 

What is going on  today in visual culture? We see that traditional art is "losing its sacredness", that the powerful visual pleasure offered by graphic design is overtaking that of art, and that technology of virtual and augmented reality absorbs a larger chunk of viewer attention.

Be that as it may, M'ARS strives to draw the public back into the art world by proving that art and new technologies are not mutually exclusive, and on the contrary, the use of new technologies in art creates incomparable sensual and emotional experiences.   

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Pushkarev lane 5

+7 (495) 623-66-90

+7 (985) 128-48-91

Center MARS is open every day

From 12 pm to 10 pm

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